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“Ukraine: the Prospects” – A talk and discussion with the author and journalist Seamus Martin

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1148839_271949042970976_1123869556_nIn the context of recent developments in Ukraine the Irish Polish Society is organizing a special event on Wednesday, 5th March, 7:30 pm – “Ukraine: the Prospects”.
A talk and discussion with the author and journalist Seamus Martin.

Seamus Martin (born in 1942), is a well known journalist. He joined the Irish Press in 1959 and became a leading sports commentator in The Irish Press,The Irish Independent, The Sunday Tribune and the Evening Herald. He became Features Editor of The Irish Times, and afterwards International Editor of the Irish Times. As Moscow Correspondent of The Irish Times, he covered the collapse of Communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
His memoir Good Times and Bad. From the Coombe to the Kremlin was published in 2008 and became a bestseller in Ireland.

In the 1990s he had access to Russian Archives and discovered the file kept by the Tsarist police on Kazimierz Markiewicz, later to become the husband of Countess Markievicz. He gave a lecture on the background to the story to our Society members in July, 2011.
He is the brother and only sibling of Diarmuid Martin the RC Archbishop of Dublin.

He spent several months in Western and Eastern Ukraine at the most recent Presidential (2010) and Parliamentary (2012) elections for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and has written on the current crisis in Ukraine for Irish newspapers.

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