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“Film and The Law” – lecture about copyrights in film – hosted by David Langwallner and Krzysztof Kołodziński

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s1 On Friday the 13th of June, at 7 pm (in the Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2) there will be a lecture about copyrights in film, entitled: “Film and The Law” (the lecture will be held in English), hosted by David Langwallner and Krzysztof Kołodziński.

Film and the Law
This lecture will deal with how in many crucial works of the cinema fundamental legal and jurisprudential themes are explored, How the cinema can be a galvanising force for legal education and indeed civic education and how crucial cinematic works can be interpreted to make fundamental points about the relationship between law and justice, law and morality, truth and fact finding.

The films I will be utilising are:
Twelve angry men
Inherit the wind
Schindlers list

and an exploration of the philosopher Zizek

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