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Can Ireland Afford Integration? Public Forum

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Irish Polish Society, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2
Wednesday, May 11th: 7.00pm. All welcome
Cllr Mary O’Shea, Dublin City Council
Dr. Fidele Mutwarasibo, Integration Manager, Immigrant Council of Ireland
Mr Prashant Shukla, President Ireland-India Council
Dr. Jaroslaw Plachecki, Lecturer in Social Sciences, Local Government College
Mr Martin Reynolds, Chairman Irish Polish Society
A speaker from the Office of the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter.

The Irish Polish Society is holding a public forum on integration policy after the recent government move to abolish the office of Minister for Integration.
We will discuss challenges to integration during recession and the need for integration as a central feature of Irish society at all levels.
The meeting will discuss strategies and policies and the work of a variety of organizations in the integration area.
The forum will consist of speeches from participants followed by questions from the audience and a general discussion. An informal integration function with wine and cheese will follow.
Patrick Quigley
Irish Polish Society
085 7133106

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