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80th Birthday Celebration Concert by Maciej Smoleński

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The Royal Irish Academy of Music in association with The Irish-Polish Society and the Polish Social and Cultural Association present tha 80th Birthday Celebration Concert by Maciej Smoleński (Bass-baritone) with Grainne Thomas (Soprano) and Magdalena Mokowska (Soprano) accompanied by Rosemary Hill (Piano). – Venue : the Katherine Brennan Hall, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, 36-38 Westland Row, Dublin 2 @ 7pm, Friday 16th September 2011. Admission Free. Songs and ballads in English, Polish,Russian, German, Italian and Hungarian. Special guest appearance by the celebrated Edwardian bass-baritone Sir Matthias Rumbleton-Deepley with Ms. Octavia de Witt d’Elbose at the pianoforte.

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