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Prof dr Wawrzyniec Konarski’s lecture : “Poland’s Systematic Transition after 1989 – a Personal Assessment”

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Friday 1st June, 7:15 pm – A discussion evening with Prof dr Wawrzyniec Konarski as our special guest and main speaker. The subject of Prof dr Wawrzyniec Konarski’s lecture : “Poland’s Systematic Transition after 1989 – a Personal Assessment”.

We hope to have a panel of distinguished guests taking part in the discussion. 4th June marks the 23rd anniversary of the first post WW2 semi-free parliamentary elections in Poland. They brought a crushing defeat to the communists paving the way for some of the most significant changes in Polish and European history. A personal evaluation of these changes (political, economical, social, etc) will be given by Prof Wawrzyniec Konarski.

Prof dr Wawrzyniec Konarski is an academic in the field of political science and modern history with particular interest in the politics and history of Ireland. Professor of Political Science at the Warsaw School of Social Science and Humanities and the Warsaw University (PhD in political science 1985). He has been lecturing as a visiting scholar at the universities and educational institutions in numerous countries (Austria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Irelan, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, US). Author of ten monographs, various articles, critical reviews and commentaries.

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