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ips i posk 3We are collecting funds for renovation of the lower floor of the Polish House !

On 30th of October 2013, 15th January 2014 and 17th February 2014 the meetings between the representatives of the boards of the Irish Polish Society (IPS), the Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK) and Ognisko Polskie Ltd. were held. The main subject was a renovation of the lower floor of the Polish House at 20 Fitzwilliam Pl. in Dublin. The participants at the meetings were: Hanna Dowling, Edyta Jankowska, Janina Lyons, Jarosław Płachecki, Krystyna Pycińska – Taylor, Urszula Scheunert, Maciej Smoleński i Samanta Stochla.

Polish House (PH) is a home for three Polish organisations: IPS, POSK and Ognisko. For almost thirty years various concerts, exhibitions, lectures and other cultural events were organised here. The Polish House functions on the principal of voluntary work and mutual co-operation between IPS and POSK. And the management of the PH is entrusted to Ognisko Polskie.

At present, one of the most important questions is a renovation of the lower floor of the House. A large front room and four smaller rooms are to be revamped. The front room will be used for various social and cultural activities. Both organisations will have a separate room to its disposition. There is also a small kitchenette planned to be open.

At the meetings it was decided that together IPS, POSK and Ognisko will apply for funds for renovation. It will be a separate bank account for a purpose of renovation opened. The question of renting out the rooms and organising a public fundraising for the renovation was also considered.

It was decided that for informational reasons a Bulletin of the Polish House will be published. The main information about the course of the meeting between the three organisations will be printed there. The sides agreed that for the duration of the talks, the representatives of the Polish Embassy will be invited. Our invitation has been accepted by Mr Ambassador H.E. Marcin Nawrot and the 1st Secretary of the Embassy Consul Wojciech Dziegiel.

On Sunday the 2nd of March 2014 a long-standing Chairman of the IPS and member of Ognisko, prof. Maciej Smolenski passed away. A burial Mass took place in the Polish church at High Street. Prof. Smoleński has been buried in Bohernabreena Cemetery in Dublin. Maciej will be remembered as a good friend, a kind person and a volunteer committed to Poland and the Polish Diaspora in Ireland. We will miss him very much.

edited by: Jarosław Płachecki and Samanta Stochla

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