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polish classes_opt (1)Whether for their loved ones, friends or simply out of curiosity or passion for unusual languages there are more and more people interested in learning Polish. Here at Together- Razem we provide a 10 weeks long Polish language course for beginners.
There are different reasons why you should learn Polish:
1. It can help you communicate with your Polish friends or partners and their family. You will also be able to understand their culture better.

2. Like any other foreign language it will broaden your career opportunities, especially now that Ireland has more links with Poland.

3. Polish is unique – you will learn something new and different that not many people know. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as you think ;)

You will learn how to talk about yourself and your hobbies, describe your day-to-day activities and have a simple conversation with your Polish friends. The following are some of the topics we will talk about:
1. Greetings, pronunciation
2. Numbers, first conjugation verbs
3. Describing people and their character
4. Nationalities, professions, second conjugation verbs
5. Family, age
6. Hobbies and interests
7. Food, prices
8. Day-to-day activities, days of the week, some reflexive verbs
9. Clothes, colours, idioms
10. Months, past tense

The course starts on 9th of May 2015 at 3pm. Price: 100 €. All are welcome!!

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