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Ladies and gentlemen! We have already honored the memory of our members by visiting graves in Ireland.

The 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence Day celebration has already taken place, and many of us have had the opportunity to attend a Mass for Poland that day and participate in a beautiful, joyful and moving celebration at the Polish House.

On Sunday, 25. November at 12.30 will be celebrated special Mass for all the departed members of POSK and IPS in the Church of Saint. Audoens on High St. Dublin 8. People who want to join us during the Holy Mass please go to the 7th-10th row on the right side of the main nave.

Here is a list of all o the departed members of POSK and IPS:
Father Andrzej Pyka (Catholic priest)
Father Franciszek Woda S.J. (“)
Wanda Petronella and Barry Brown – Donors of the Polish House
Henryk Bogusiński
Nancy Byrne
Brian Cantwell
Krystyna Dobrzyńska-Cantwell (daughter of the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Ireland, Wacław Dobrzyński)
Maura Culligan Chairperson of IPS
Jadwiga Czarkowska
Franciszek Czarkowski
Kathleen Czekańska
Stanislaw Czekański
Karol Czerwin
Philip Dowling
Margaret Kamińska
Czeslaw Kubiak
Jerzy Kwasiborski
Stanislaw Kwietniewski
Zofia Kwietniewska
Henryk Lebioda, founder of IPS, Ognisko and POSK
Olivia Lebioda
Anne O’Brien
Joan Oślizłok
Józef Oślizłok
Jan Package
Angela Pisarczyk
Maeve Piskorska
Ryszard Piskorski
Stanisław Pola
Jan Pryłowski
Tadeusz Przystaś
Andy Redmond
Gertrude Redmond
Krzysztof Romanowski
Maria Romanowska
Andrzej Siehen
Krystyna Siehen
Zbigniew Skutnicki (executor of the last will of Wanda Brown)
Władek Śliwiński
Piotr Śmiałek
Maciej Smoleński (Chairperson of IPS)
Jan Skrobisz
Alicja Stopa
Antoni Stopa
Una Ward
Andrzej Wejchert and
Danuta Komaus- Wejchert (architects)
Mervyn White Noreen
Andrzej Zakrzewski (architect – renovation of the Polish House in 1987)
Zbigniew and Zofia Dąbczwski

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