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“Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki – His Life, Achievements, Irish Connection, and….love letters”

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0 Photo: Statue of Strzelecki (Jindabyne, Australia)
Sunday, 16th February, 4:30 pm (Polish House)
P.E.Strzelecki (born 1797 Poznan, Poland ;died 1873 London), world traveller and famous explorer who conquered Australia’s highest peak (and named it Kosciuszko Mountain), did outstanding unpaid work for famine relief in Ireland in 1847-48. He was appointed a chief agent of the charity the British Association to superintend the distribution of supplies in County Sligo and County Mayo. He devoted himself to his task with success, though for a time incapacitated by famine fever. He helped impoverished Irish families to seek a new life in Australia. As Strzelecki’s name and work done during the Great Irish Famine is practically unknown in Ireland, the IPS committee decided to have some 2 – 3 special events dedicated to his life and achievements.The event will be bilingual. It will be based on a programme prepared by the Polish Catholic Mission in Australia. Please note that the material from Australia (a CD) is in the Polish language. However, some translation in English will be available.

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