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On Opposite Sides: Constance & Casimir Markievicz in 1917

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On Sunday, 19th February at 4:30pm (Polish House) The Irish Polish Society invites you to the lecture with slides ‘On Opposite Sides: Constance & Casimir Markievicz in 1917’ by Patrick Quigley.

The year 1917 opened with the Markievicz couple divided by a continent at war. The 1916 Rising had been crushed and Constance was adjusting to life in Aylesbury Women’s Prison. Her health deteriorated while her family debated whether they should campaign for better conditions. Casimir was recovering from his war injuries and painting and working with Polish theatre in Kiev. Around the same time Constance discovered art and poetry could help raise her spirits in the dark winter days. And then the Russian Revolution changed everything…
Admission free – all welcome!

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Patrick Quigley is the author of ‘Sisters Against the Empire: Countess Markievicz & Eva Gore-Booth in 1916-17’ and ‘The Polish Irishman: the life and times of Casimir Markievicz’.

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