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Ireland and the Polish Question 1916-1918

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16113971_10154438207103198_1737570379479386999_nOn Sunday, 22nd January at 4:30 pm (Polish House) a lecture will be given by Dr Gabriel Doherty entitled IRELAND AND THE POLISH QUESTION, 1916-1918. Dr Gabriel Doherty is a lecturer in the School of History, University College Cork. 22nd January marks the centenary of a very important speech by the then President of the USA, Woodrow Wilson, to the US Senate. It was a wide-ranging speech connected with a prospected entry of the US into WW1. From Polish perspective it had a particular meaning as President Wilson put Poland’s national self-determination and independence on the agenda. The events leading up to Poland’s ‘rebirth’ after 123 years of partition were very closely scrutinized in Ireland at the time. Dr Doherty has been doing a lot of research into how the ‘Polish Question’ was studied in Ireland, in the period between Easter Rising and the end of WW1. The event is organized to mark the ‘countdown’ to the November 2018 Centenary of Poland’s Independence.
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