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Forever a pilot of the Spitfire & 303 Squadron – screening movie

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Monday 11th June
Forever a pilot of the Spitfire & 303 Squadron – screening movie
Monday 11 June | 18:30 –
Polish House 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2.
This is the story of Polish pilot Alexander Herbst (Alex Herbst), who was the last living pilot of the remarkable No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron. He completed 141 combat missions on the legendary Spitfire fighter plane, including a mission during the Allied invasion of Normandy. Officially declared dead, he survived being shot down several times. In recognition of his bravery and achievements he was awarded a Cross of Valour three times, along with a number of British decorations. The documentary movie is about Alex Herbst and memories of his wartime experiences and adventures. He passed away last year at age 99.



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