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2011 – Traditional New Year Seasonal Celebration

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Wishing you every Joy and Happiness for New Year Irish Polish Society wish to invite you to our Traditional New Year Seasonal Celebration with Polish ‘Opłatek’ on Sunday, 23rd January, at 5:30pm in the Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place Dublin 2. Admission free. All Welcome! We will sing Polish, Irish and international Christmas Carols and have traditional Irish and Polish seasonal food.

We are pleased to inform that we are resuming free weekly adult Polish and English classes with discussion part. First lessons will take place on Sunday, 23rd January, at 3pm in the Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place Dublin 2 and discussion part in two languages at 4pm.

Speakers’ Corner – Sunday discussions organized by the IPS

New Year is a good time for new promises, ideas and launching new initiatives. That’s why each of us starts something: looking for a new job, quitting smoking, getting fit, learning new languages, improving communication skills, learning more about the world…

The Irish Polish Society decided to make some resolutions easier for you and organized a discussion club. Meetings will be on Sundays and all people, who would like to talk about sensitive topics, are welcome. The topics will be mainly chosen from health services, education, politics, economy, culture, social problems and others. We expect they will show experiences and points of view not only from Polish and Irish perspective, but also of people from all over the world. Each discussion will be focused on one topic, although all topics are related in some ways so you can expect digressions.

The name of this club refers to Hyde Park in London and its Speakers’ Corner which became famous for being a forum of free opinions. The name is usually used for the places where debates and discussions are allowed.

Participants of discussions organized by the Irish Polish Society can decide about the topic of each meeting and the direction in which it will be developed. Freedom of opinion is welcome, but personal abuse will not be permitted. That’s why the discussion will be controlled by a moderator.

A very first meeting of Speakers’ Corner will be on this Sunday, 23rd January at 4 pm in the Polish House (20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2).

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