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An open event: ‘The Impact of Ethnic Minorities on Irish Politics’ with Minister Joan Burton TD on Sat 11th May 2pm, Registration from 1.30pm in Theatre 1, Newman Building, UCD
Speakers: Minister Joan Burton TD, Emer Costello MEP, Professor Bryan Fanning UCD, Dr Jaroslaw Plachecki, Solicitor Michelle Lee.
Labour Intercultural of the Labour Party are hosting an event for members of ethnic minorities and anyone interested in the topic on Sat 11th May in UCD.
Registration is from 1.30pm.
There is considerable skill, experience and people power within our ethnic minorities in Ireland. How can members of the ethnic minorities benefit from politics, and how can politics benefit from members of the ethnic minorities?
To RSVP and for more information contact Karen McCormack 087-2932828
Region: Dublin Expiry date: 10/05/2013

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