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Marcin Kowalik was born in Zamosc, Poland, in 1981 and he graduated from the local high school of fine arts. From 2001 – 2006 he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in the workshop of professor Adam Wsiokowski. Under his supervision he also achieved a PhD degree. He is currently working as his assistant in his studio. Kowalik performs painting and art within the scope of installations, object and performance.

He is an organizer, art curator and artistic supervisor. He was a scholarship holder of many scholarship programmes, for example of Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2001), The President of Zamosc (2002), Crosskick Academie, Berlin (2007), PhD Scholarship of Academy of Fines Art in Cracow (2008), Ateliers Höherweg 271, Düsseldorf (2008), Grazzell’s scholarship (2009) and The Scholarship of creative President of Cracow City (2011).

Currently, he lives and creates in Cracow. He is married with two sons.

“I am the first viewer of my paintings. I would like to start with the genesis of my artistic way to indicate the importance of those words in my work.

I started discovering painting as such from working from nature but, with time, I channeled my interests towards focusing on a painting itself. With hindsight, my painting from nature was never just about photographic or impressionistic coping the observed nature on two-dimensional canvass. I also put effort into working on composition, achieving colour harmony of a painting and other formal issues, but still they remained marginalized.”

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