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po1-626x380On last Tuesday around 4 p.m. fire broke out on the Millfield Manor estate, Newbridge.
6 houses burnt down! Tenants who mostly were Poles, have lost their houses.
Let’s join our forces and participate in the already ongoing support for the families who have suffered in that fire in Newbridge!
According to, Agnieszka Barska who is dealing with collection in Newbridge, requests now mainly for financial help:
“The most important thing at the moment is the financial assistance, these people have lost quite everything. It would be best to donate a few euros, for example on gift card, it will help them to feel independent and allow to buy what they really need. “- Says Agnieszka.

Together-Razem Centre joins the action and also appeals to all organizations, institutions and people of good will to help the affected families.
Dear Beloved, lets share information about the support wherever possible! Let’s donate a symbolic euro, or as suggested by Mrs. Agnes endow gift card!
Let’s act people!

As we can read on, the help is needed for:

– Asia i Mariusz
– Łukasz i Monika
– Jola i Marcin- with two children: boy (5), girl (2)
– Rafał (30 years old)
– Marcin i Magda ( 18 months old girl)
– Włodek
– Irish family with 2 children (boy (8) and girl (4)
– Agnieszka (30)
– Filipino family with 2 children around 10 and 11 years
– Miss Kornelia

The money should be paid to the account:
IBAN IE67IPBS99064524172540
Transfer title: Millfield Fire Fund

Unfortunately, from tomorrow, our office will be closed for the Easter period. You will be able to donate a Gift Card with any amount from Tuesday April 7 between the hours of 11a.m. to 2 p.m. in our Together- Razem Center located on George’s Quay, Cork. It can also be possible to donate symbolic euro to a specially prepared cans. The collected money will be paid to the account given above. However, we suggest that you send money directly to the specified account, it will allow better and faster transfer.
Below you can find a link to the Facebook page that can keep you up to date:

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