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Lecture given by dr hab. Paweł Soroka

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Lecture given by dr hab. Paweł Soroka will concentrate on some aspects of the Poish Business  and Economics  perspectives.

Sunday 7  March  5 pm.

 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

Professor Pawel Soroka is a Polish poet, journalist and political
scientist who also acts as a social and economic animateur. He was born on 3 September 1953 in Gniezko, historically known as the first capital city
of Poland.

Soroka’s poetic oeuvre is very rich, including volumes of verse: Cleansing
(1979), Between Capitals (1992), Red and White Pier (1999), Liberating
Imagination: New and Selected Poems (2010); and two poetry collections:
Self-Distraction (1976) and 17 Erotic Poems (2005). His poems have also
been published in several magazines, almanacs and anthologies, including
Student Groups and Poetic Clubs (Warsaw 1979), Poetic Debuts (Warsaw
1980), Real Romantics 1976-80 (Warsaw 1981), The Shape of Love (Szczecin
1944), The Book of Poets – The Books of Friends (Szczecin 1998), Maturing
in Love (Radom 2000) and Life with Inspiration (Warsaw 2006).
Soroka graduated from the University of Warsaw in 1976 where he majored in
Political Science with a specialisation in International Relations. In
1985, he graduated with a PhD in Journalism and Political Science. His
thesis, Theory of Decision Making in American International Relations, was
published two years later. On 23 April 2008, the Council of Journalism and
Political Science at the University of Warsaw awarded Soroka with the
title of Associate Professor in the Humanities with a specialisation in
Political Science, after the publication in 2006 of The Strategy on
Poland’s External Safety: Formulation Process.
Soroka is the author of numerous scientific articles. Between 2003-2005,
he coordinated the work of the ‘For a Better Poland’ Organisation that
compiled a report on Poland and suggested possible improvements. The
document was published in 2005 (accessible on-line from
He also serves as a Professor at both the Warsaw Management School
(graduate and postgraduate Schools) ( and the School of
Economics and Law (WSEiP) in Kielce.

Soroka is a member of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of
Poland. He is the main editor of the sociocultural ‘With One’s Own Voice’
magazine ( and the author of more than 250 articles
which have appeared in various magazines in the field of socioeconomics
and culture. Soroko is a member of the Honorary Board of the bimonthly
Citizen magazine ( is on the Editorial Committee of
the quarterly Defensive Knowledge magazine. He also chairs the National
Board of the Workers’ Association of Culture Creators whose offices are
located across the whole country ( Between 1986 and
1990, Soroka was on the National Cultural Board. In 1993, he co-founded
and currently administers the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Polish Industrial
Lobby, an independent social organisation which advises on the interests
of strategic Polish industry sectors ( Soroka is a member
of both the Board of the Defence Knowledge Society (TWO) and the National
Aviation Council (KRL). He is also the vice-president of the Warsaw
Scientific Society for Organisation and Management (TNOik).
Professor Soroka was awarded the status of “oppressed person” by the
Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) on 14 September 2005 (certificate
no 5455/05).

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