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Zemsta-Croc-Poster-2016_ENOn Saturday, 4th of June 2016, at 6pm the music and theatre group ARKAJANA will entertain you with an adaptation of “Revenge” by Aleksander Fredro.
Venue: Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2
Admission free.

The concept of this play came about when the writer found some documents which revealed a fierce dispute between the previous owners of his wife’s castle. The aftermath of the dispute resulted in the eventual marriage of the owners’ children to each other.

In a comedic way, “Revenge” describes the people’s flaws and frailties, provides the audience with excitement, laughter, and fun! Witty ripostes, surprising twists and lots of phrases which are now common Polish language, are just some aspects to be enjoyed while experiencing this classical Polish play. We look forward to welcoming all people from all nations to experience our Polish culture!

ARKAJANA was established at the Jesuit Church in Dublin and is made up of a variety of talented group of people. Our objective is to spread Polish culture and tradition in the spirit of Catholic values, to promote the integration of the Polish community in Ireland and to share our national culture with others.

ARKAJANA have had several different music and poetry performances including one for the canonisation of Pope John Paul II and another for the Warsaw Uprising. At the end of last year ARKAJANA presented the play “Ghosts” by Adam Mickiewicz.

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